Inclusion through innovation!

Make your menu accessible to visually impaired and foreign-language guests

MenuSpeak for your catering business

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Store the menu in the CMS

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MenuSpeak am Smartphone zeigt Burger-Übersicht des Hard Rock Café Wien

Overcome linguistic and visual barriers of your menu!

Make a contribution to the inclusion of visually impaired people.

Make your menu understandable to foreign-language people

Increase the customer-friendliness and quality of your business!

Audiovisual display option, optimized for visually impaired guests.

Translation of the menu in over 54 languages.

Your service staff will be relieved and the service quality increased.

MenuSpeak am Smartphone zeigt alkoholfreie Cocktails
MenuSpeak am Smartphone zeigt Übersicht des Hard Rock Café Menüs

Simplify the food and beverage selection process for your customers!

The app recognizes in which restaurant the guest is and automatically displays the correct menu on the smartphone and in the language of the customer.

Food and drinks can be selected independently in the language of the customer and placed in the shopping cart.

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available for

iPhone, iPad and Android

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